In the German higher education landscape, the "KBS", based in Sitten/Sion, is a unique foundation. The Swiss entrepreneur, art collector and philanthropist Kurt Bösch, who was born in Augsburg, established it in the Valais cantonal capital of Sitten (Sion) in January 1986 with the aim of enabling and promoting "encounters as well as scientific, cultural and linguistic exchange between Welsch and German in the territory of the Canton of Valais" in cooperation with the University of Augsburg.  To this end, he brought into his foundation the houses ("Maison blanche", "Le Pommier" and "Les Pins") situated on the southern slope of the Rhône valley near Sion. The latter two houses have since been sold. The house "Maison blanche" offers accommodation, lounge and seminar rooms for 10 people. As of 01.01.09, the house "Le Coq" with 10 beds was added.


In addition to providing accommodation, the foundation can also support the exchange by subsidising the students' travel and subsistence costs up to a maximum of 1,500 EUR.


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