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Augsburg jurists are helping to exploit health data for research purposes.

Interview with Prof. Dr. Benedikt Buchner.
Here you can read the full article in Issue 21 - Summer 2023 on page 4 (in German).

The End of the Data El Dorado - Verfassungsblog

Antitrust and data protection law go hand in hand in the meta-judgment of the European Court of Justice

The age of the "data El Dorado" is probably over. Following the epochal ruling of the European Court of Justice in the Meta case (Case C-252/21, July 4, 2023), the business model of Big Data companies will have to change fundamentally - to protect their users from abuse of their personal data and the public from abuse of the dominant positions of these companies.

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Digitales Gesundheitswesen x.0, ZGI 2023, 53.

Edited by Benedikt Buchner
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Informational Human Rights and Digital Society

Edited by Benedikt Buchner and Thomas Petri.
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Informationelle Menschenrechte