The Faculty of Medicine organises centrally coordinated procedures for evaluation and quality development. The process and structural quality of the Augsburg model course are the main focus of attention.



Evaluations help us to recognize whether our goals and concepts are producing the desired results and where we still need to make changes. A portfolio of different evaluation approaches is used to check the process and structural quality of modules, courses, etc. For online or paper-based evaluations the software EvaSys is used. Here we are supported by the quality agency of the university.

Block mit Stift

Progress Test for Medicine

The Progress Test for Medicine (PTM) is an interdisciplinary test of knowledge for medical students. It is offered every semester and shows students that they are constantly acquiring new knowledge.


Process Management

It is our goal to analyze, optimize and document important internal faculty processes. In this way, we develop a common understanding of the work processes and optimise cooperation within the faculty and beyond faculty boundaries.



Dr. Lilian Ulhaas
Study planning, coordination and projects
Department of Medical Education Augsburg DEMEDA
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