Air View in Augsburg 2023

During February and March 2023, the Air View car will return to Augsburg for a second measurement campaign. In July 2022, an Air View car conducted an air quality measurement campaign in Augsburg as part of the European EXPANSE project. The instrumentation in the car records the concentrations of air pollutants such as nitrogen dioxide, particulate matter, soot and ultrafine dust along the driving route.

The data from the measurement campaigns are ultimately used to produce high-resolution air quality maps which provide an insight into the spatial variability of air quality in each city. For residents and municipalities, these maps can be used to identify areas in which air quality mitigation measures need to be implemented as well as improving information on the air quality along a walking or cycling route. For scientists, these maps can be used to investigate the health impacts related to air quality and are further used to improve air quality models.

In collaboration with the Helmholtz Zentrum in Munich, the Chair of Model-based Environmental Exposure Science (MBEES) have equipped the car with a 360° camera. In addition to the air quality measurements, the panoramic images can be used to obtain geospatial information such as vegetation percentage, Sky View Factor and building materials through machine learning.

airview_image © University of Augsburg
airview_image. © University of Augsburg
airview_car_back © University of Augsburg