BKH Augsburg
BKH Augsburg


Investigation of cognitive functioning in individuals with mental illnesses, examination of possible specific patterns of certain cognitive deficits to identify potential treatment options.

  • Longitudinal investigation of cognitive biases (particularly 'jumping to conclusions') in people with affective and non-affective psychoses

  • Further development of psychotherapeutic methods to modulate cognitive biases in people with cognitive impairment and affective and non-affective psychosis
  • Computational modeling of cognitive and behavioral data ('computational psychiatry')


Beads Task study (head W. Strube)

'Investigation of the Beads Task as a novel clinical decision support tool for pharmacological and non-pharmacological treatment options to improve 'cognitive biases' (jumping to conclusions, JTC; and impairments in probabilistic reasoning, PRI) in people with schizophrenia spectrum disorders.' Cooperation with the Department of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy, LMU Munich.


CIT (head W. Strube)

'Cognitive Insight Training (CIT): group psychotherapy in order to influence delusional beliefs in people with schizophrenic psychosis.'


Digi-Stigma (head I. Papazova)

Influence of stigma of mental illness on clinical decisions in the context of digital medicine. Cooperation with the Chair of General Medicine and the Chair of Medical Didactics and Education Research, Faculty of Medicine, University of Augsburg.


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