Fields of Activity

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Augsburg Comprehensive Cesium Setup“


Inductively coupled plasma

  • Investigations on cesium dynamics in negative hydrogen ion sources
  • Investigations on the surface work function of materials in contact with low pressure low temperature plasmas


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Concept Studies for Helicon Assisted RF Low Pressure Ion SourcEs"


Inductively coupled plasma / helicon discharge

  • Studies on reactor design and plasma generation
  • Investigations on the power transfer efficiency and coupling mechanisms of rf driven plasmas

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Planar Inductively Coupled Experiment“


Inductively coupled plasma

  • Fundamental research on hydrogen plasmas
  • Quantitative vacuum-UV (VUV) spectroscopy in low pressure low temperature plasmas
  • Development of diagnostic methods for low pressure discharges




Microwave-driven surface-wave discharge


  • Fundamental research on nitrogen-hydrogen plasmas between low pressure and atmospheric pressure
  • Investigation of plasma-assisted catalytic processes for nitrogen fixation




Homogeneous ECR plasma"


Electron cyclotron resonance discharge


  • Investigations on production and extraction of negative hydrogen ions at low work function surfaces
  • Fundamental research on recombining molecular low pressure plasmas by optical emission spectroscopy


Atmospheric plasmoid experiment


High voltage discharge above water surface at atmospheric pressure


  • Fundamental research on plasmoids
  • Development of temporally, spacially and spectrally resolved diagnostic systems for dynamic atmospheric discharges