Ph.D. Theses


For information on new topics and theses please contact Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ursel Fantz.

Ph.D. Theses in progress:

Work function of ceasiated surfaces under high vacuum conditions
  M.Sc. Nikolas Klose
Plasma assisted catalysis for nitrogen fixation
  M.Sc. Vinzenz Wolf

Completed Ph.D. Theses:


Measurement of the atomic hydrogen density in negative ion sources by TALIF
  Dr. Frederik Merk, February 2023
Influence of particle and photon fluxes of hydrogen plasmas on the work function of caesiated surfaces
  Dr. Adrian Heiler, December 2022
Quantification of VUV photon and particle fluxes in low pressure plasmas for surface treatment
gefördert durch die Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG, FR 3881/1-1)
  Dr. Caecilia Fröhler-Bachus, November 2022
Development of a predictive self-consistent fluid model for optimizing inductive RF coupling of powerful negative hydrogen ion sources
  Dr. Dominikus Zielke, June 2021
Spectroscopic evaluation of a high pressure CO2 microwave discharge
  Dr. Federico D'Isa, 2020
Correlation between plasma and beam properties at the ELISE test facility
  Dr. Isabella Mario, 2020

Application of a 3D Monte Carlo PIC code for modelling the particle extraction from the large area negative ion source ELISE
  Dr. Mauricio Montellano, May 2019

Work function of caesiated surfaces in H2/D2 low temperature plasmas correlated with negative ion formation
  Dr. Sofia Cristofaro, September 2018
Efficiency of RF plasma generation for fusion relevant ion sources
  Dr. David Rauner, June 2018
Optimization of Cs Dynamics in Large and Powerful RF Sources for Negative Hydrogen Ions
  Dr. Alessandro Mimo, February 2018
Quantification of Neutral Beam Driven Current and the effect of radial fast ion transport in ASDEX Upgrade
  Dr. David Rittich, December 2017
Investigations on Cs-free alternative materials for negative hydrogen ion formation
  Dr. Uwe Kurutz, September 2016
Characteristics and Dynamics of the Boundary Layer in RF-driven Sources for Negative Hydrogen Ions
  Dr. Christian Wimmer, June 2014
Reconstruction of Negative Hydrogen Ion Beam Properties from Beamline Diagnostics
  Dr. Benjamin Ruf, June 2014
Experimental investigations on the caesium dynamics in H2/D2 low temperature plasmas
  Dr. Roland Friedl, August 2013
Spectroscopic Investigation of Indium Halides as Substitutes of Mercury in Low Pressure Discharges for Lighting Applications
  Dr. Stefan Briefi, December 2011
Verifikation von optischen Diagnostikmethoden an H2/D2 - Plasmen
  Dr. Stephan Dietrich, April 2010
Experiments and Simulations for the Dynamics of Cesium in Negative Hydrogen Ion Sources for ITER N-NBI
  Dr. Raphael Gutser, March 2010
Profile der Plasmaparameter und Dichte negativer Wasserstoffionen mittels Laserdetachment in HF-angeregten Ionenquellen
  Dr. Sina Christ-Koch, December 2007
Cavity-Ringdown-Spektroskopie an Wasserstoff-Niederdruckplasmen
  Dr. Markus Berger, July 2006
Investigations on Spectroscopic Diagnostic of High-Z Elements in Fusion Plasmas
  Dr. Thomas Pütterich, November 2005
Chemische Erosion verschiedener Kohlenstoff-Materialien durch Wasserstoff-Isotope in Niederdruckplasmen
  Dr. Patrick Starke, January 2005
Berechnung von Teilchendichten für die Diagnostik an Niederdruckplasmen
  Dr. Dirk Wünderlich, September 2004
Modelling and Optimisation of Future Energy Systems using Spatial and Temporal methods
  Dr. Markus Biberacher, June 2004
Untersuchung urbaner Energiesysteme insbesondere am Beispiel Augsburg
  Dr. Stephan Richter, March 2004
Untersuchung und Interpretation der Molekülstrahlung von Wasserstoff und Deuterium in Niederdruckplasmen
  Dr. Bernd Heger, January 2002
Transportuntersuchungen im Übergangsbereich von Einschlußregimen in ASDEX Upgrade
  Dr. Hans Meister, October 2000
Untersuchungen zur chemischen Erosion von Kohlenstoff durch Wasserstoffisotope
  Dr. Hermann Paulin, April 2000
Heliumtransport in der Plasmarandschicht an ASDEX Upgrade
  Dr. Wolfgang Ullrich, December 1999