Final Thesis

What’s in it for me?

Writing a thesis in Digital Health Communication is not only a great way to keep track of what you have learned in your program, it also helps you to further develop and elaborate on your own research ideas and to further improve your skills to communicate about scientific research. Writing a thesis is also a great opportunity to challenge yourself as an early career researcher, and prepares you for future academic or non-academic careers.



Application Process

There is a general application process for writing a final thesis in the Department of Media, Knowledge, and Communication (imwk) and a specific application for doing so in Digital Health Communication.



General Application Process

The general application starts with an online application, in which you indicate your broader topic of interest. You will prioritize the different divisions of the department based on your research interests. The department will then distribute all applicants among the divisions. Based on your prioritization, you will be enrolled in the Thesis Preparation Course (TPC; Kandidatenseminar) of the Digital Health Communication Division.


Note: the first TPC class already takes place at the end of the semester before you officially write your thesis (i.e., if you plan to write your thesis in the Spring, the first TPC class will be in one of the last weeks of the previous Fall semester). The TPC will then resume at the beginning of the semester, in which you officially write your thesis.


In the TPC you will update your knowledge and skills about how to identify literature, good scientific data bases, and how to write a research paper. You will present and discuss your research in class and you will receive feedback about expectations and your progress.


For formal requirements please check out the forms and info sheets here:



Application in Digital Health Communication

Students interested in writing their thesis in Digital Health Communication ideally choose a topic from the Division's topic list. Make sure to indicate a topic from that list in your online application during the General Application Process.


Between the first TPC and the official starting date of your thesis, students must submit a personal motivation letter (at least 500 words, 10+ references, APA 7th style guide), in which they elaborate on the specific angle they would apply within a given topic (see 5 topics below) and provide an academic rationale for doing so (and not differently).

Candidates should argue based on peer-reviewed, scientific evidence in the field of Communication (and correctly cite this work) while being as specific as possible. Avoid arguing based on opinion and commonplace phrases.

If multiple candidates would like to work on one topic, they each should include an additional rationale (additional 300 words) for their unique angle.

Motivation letters will be reviewed and topics will be distributed based on all candidates’ indicated motivations and priorities.


Submit your motivation letter as one PDF to (filename: last name, topic #, [motivation letter]) no later than the last day of the semester of your first TPC class. Note: This is the end of the semester before you officially start writing your thesis. 


You will receive detailed feedback from your adviser about your proposal, so that you know how to move forward. The feedback is your confirmation that you will write your thesis in Digital Health Communication.


Finally, remember to officially register your thesis with the “Prüfungsamt” using the official university forms, and check deadlines regularly.