The University of Augsburg has made the Zoom video conferencing software available for employees and students to enable studying from home and digital teaching during the Covid pandemic.


Here is a video tutorial on using Zoom with a browser:



Setting up WLAN


BayernWLAN has been available on the campus since mid-2017. It can be used by anyone (not only students) and users do not require any login details. On connecting to the network, you only have to accept the access conditions. Data traffic on BayernWLAN, the free Bavarian WLAN network without time and volume limits, is not encrypted. Use of the BayernWLAN is therefore not recommended for permanent use.


eduroam (Education Roaming) is the better-known network on the campus. Thanks to our research cooperation with the DFN (German Research Network; “Deutsches Forschungsnetz”), scientific staff and students can use their login details to get online here in Augsburg, as well as at participating establishments throughout Europe. The municipal utilities here in Augsburg also offer direct access to the networks on the bus, tram, and in public places such as Königsplatz and Rathausplatz via eduroam.

Access is set up via software clients or network access certificates, which are installed on the device used. However, you only have to set up access once.

Click this Info column to be forwarded to the instructions at the Computer Center (RZ).

Setting up VPN

VPN enables access to the university’s services from off site.

You need the VPN client to use all the university’s internal services (library search, lending, etc.) via the open internet.


Download VPN client



  • Valid RZ login and corresponding RZ password
  • Existing internet connection (e.g., via WLAN)
  • Administrator rights on the device used



  1. Install the downloaded VPN client and follow the installation process
  2. Find your institute: "Universität Augsburg", click on it
  3. Browser opens: Enter your RZ login
  4. Agree and and preferably save for later use
  5. Click on "Allow"/"Genehmigen"
  6. To end the session, click on the green switch in the client.

RZ login

Your RZ login is a unique user name, with which you can log onto most of the university systems.


Contacts if you have any questions

Further information on the RZ login is available on the Computer Center pages

Changing your password

The Computer Center provides a web form for this. Follow the advise on choosing a password.

Student email address

As a student you receive a student email address (usually) firstname.lastname@uni-a.de.

Further information is available on the pages of the Computer Center



Access to the email account

Home drive

The home drive is automatically connected on the computers in the computer pools.

How do I access my home drive from outside (home)?

You can get information about this from the computer center. Please note that you can only connect your home drive as a network drive within the university network or via a VPN connection.




In Windows Explorer, click on "Map network drive":


Path: \\cfs-student.student.uni-augsburg.de\RZ login
Username: UNI-AUGSBURG\RZ login
Password: RZ password




In the Finder, click on "Connect to Server..." in the "Go" menu:


Path: smb://cfs-student.student.uni-augsburg.de/RZ-Kennung
Username: RZ login
Password: RZ password