What does printing / photocopying cost per page?

  black/white color
Din A4 5 cents 10 cents
Din A3 10 cents 25 cents


Where can I buy printing vouchers?

Printing vouchers worth € 5 are available in the it.WiWi office (Room 2112).


Vouchers can also be purchased in Room 1315 until 12:00 am.


Printing vouchers worth € 2 can be purchased at any time from the vending machine outside the it.WiWi office.

How do I redeem printing vouchers?

The voucher is redeemed in the  student printing billing system. There you will also find detailed instructions.

Where can I print with my balance?

The printing billing system can be used in the computer rooms of the Faculty of Business and Economics and the Faculty of Law.

How can I print with my balance?

You print directly from the workstation using the print icon in the respective applications. The printed pages are deducted automatically from your printing balance.

How can I print or scan?

Detailed instructions can be found under the following links:

Privacy policy

We refer to the  University of Augsburg’s privacy policy.


The following applies specifically to the student printing billing system (StuDAS): 

  • No data is passed on to third parties. 
  • Print jobs (user, file name, date and time, and document properties such as number of pages, computer used, document size) are saved for a maximum of 60 days. 
  • The content of the document is not saved.
  • Accounts with an account balance of € 0.00 are removed during routine maintenance work.
  • Your user printing account can be deleted manually by the it.WiWi, Room 2112, during the opening hours.