C - Local data carrier

  • Hard drive for operating system and applications.
  • C:\TEMP → Cache for larger files, which can be viewed by any user at the respective computer  
    Attention: This directory is deleted automatically at regular intervals!

D - DVD burner

Every computer in the CIP pools has a DVD burner

H - Home drive

  • Option for storing your own files

  • Files are only accessible to you personally


  1. Several directories and files already exist on this drive
  2. Regular automatic snapshot/backup of this drive
  3. To access these, simply right-click on “Properties” → "Previous Versions”

K - Download

Drive for providing files through professorships or lecturers (e.g. teaching event documents)


Attention: Students have read access only on this drive!

S - Stura

This drive is not always available. It is required sometimes by the student organization for various courses!

U - Stata

Storage location of the Stata statistics software