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Welcome to the StuRa WiWi!

We are your student representatives of the faculty of Economic Science.

Our committee consists of twelve honorary representatives and two student assistants and is elected annually by yourself, the students of the faculty of Economic Sciences.

We represent your interests to the professors, the faculty and the university.

If you have any questions or problems concerning your studies or life on campus, we are always at your disposal.

Among other things, we offer you the tutoring platform, the sale of lecture notes and the sale of exams.

Jan. 20, 2021

Exam Sale

Dear Students, due to the ongoing corona pandemic, we, your student representation WiWi, will unfortunately not be able to offer a normal sale of old exams at the university for the winter semester 20/21. In order to still help you with the preparation of the exams, we have created this document as an overview. It should offer you quick access to the old exams on digicampus, without much effort regarding the searching of several documents. Take a look at our homepage and our social media channels for more information. Follow us there so you don’t miss anything important. If you have any questions about old exams, we ask for your feedback and look forward to hearing from you. Good luck with the upcoming exams! Your student representation WiWi

Jan. 14, 2021

Major Information Event

On 01.12.2021 the Major Information Event took place for all third semester students. This event helps students to find a suitable Major, drawn from four options (Finance, Operations, Strategy and Economics). To find out more about this event go to Service.


The current StuRa-Team, as well as the Alumni.



We offer students a variety of services that have proven to be helpful for their studies.

Nahaufnahme von Buch im Gras

Office Hours

Who can be found in the Office and at what time? Office hours only take place during the lecture periods.

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Exam sale

Here you can find all important information regarding the access to sample exams.

Bücher des Autors Stefan Zweig stehen in einer Reihe

Major Information Event

Here you can find all the important information about the Major Information event and the corresponding presentations.

Vortrag im Hörsaal

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