Office Hours

Due to the pandemic we can’t work at the office at the moment. 


Please contact the StuRa via E-mail,, on instagram @sturawiwi or call the StuRa mobile 0178 1689524.

Exam Sale

Dear Students,


due to the ongoing corona pandemic, we, your student representation WiWi, will unfortunately not be able to offer a normal sale of old exams at the university for the winter semester 20/21.

In order to still help you with the preparation of the exams, we have created this document as an overview. It should offer you quick access to the old exams on digicampus, without much effort regarding the searching of several documents.

Take a look at our homepage and our social media channels for more information. Follow us there so you don’t miss anything important.


If you have any questions about old exams, we ask for your feedback and look forward to hearing from you.

Good luck with the upcoming exams!


Your Student Representation WiWi



Old exams overview for the basic courses WiWi: 

Script Sale

During this Semester there will be no Skript Sale available.


For further information about lectures please visit Digicampus.

(Important: To access the documents needed, you need to be logged in.) 





     1. Semester:

  • Bilanzierung I - back in stock
  • Einführung in die Mikroökonomik (ReWi)
  • it@BWL
  • Kostenrechnung
  • Mathe I (BWL, VWL)
  • Mathe (GBM, ReWi)

     3. Semester:

  • Entscheidungstheorie
  • Makroökonomik II
  • Produktion und Logistik
  • Statistik II
  • Wirtschaftsinformatik (MIS) - back in stock
  • Wirtschaftspolitik Folien & Fließtext

     2. Studienabschnitt:

  • BTax 2
  • Finanz-& Bankenmanagement
  • Logistics Management
  • Operations Research



  • Decision Optimization
  • Empirische Kapitalmarktforschung - back in stock
  • Entscheidungstheorie
  • Financial Engineering & Structured Finance - back in stock




Since the summer semester 2018 the StuRa WiWi has been offering a tutoring platform. It is all about „From students for students“. This platform will help you find a tutor as well as to offer tutoring. The tutors are all enrolled students at the University of Augsburg and passed each of their chosen lectures very successfully. 


The StuRa WiWi is not offering tutoring themselves, we are solely for the purpase to help you connect with your tutor and to make sure that everything works conveniently. Therefore we cannot guarantee the quality of the tutoring. The tutors duty is to be responsible for the quality of their lessons. 




Muhammed Safak

Lectures: Spieltheorie, Statistik I & Statistik II, Logistics Management 


Discription: Hey I’m Muhammed and study Economy Informatics during my 7th Semester. I have successfully passed the listed lectures above and I’m eager to help you to get the hang of it. Private or group tutoring is possible. Regarding time, I’m quite flexible!



Currently are no tutors for master students available 


Offer Tutoring

You have to be an enrolled student at the University of Augsburg. You can only offer tutoring on a lecture that you have passed during the last 4 years. To be listed on our website, please make sure to fill out the form below and to send it back to us. 



Book Market

Books can be picked up during our office hours. 


Current available books to purchase :


Major Information Event

On 01.12.2021 the Major Information Event took place for all third semester students. This event helps students to find a suitable Major, drawn from four options (Finance, Operations, Strategy and Economics).


All information is included in the following presentations about each Major.