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Our summer production 2024: Jez Butterworth, The River

Jez Butterworth in 2019 © CC BY 3.0
The AnglistenTheater is staging Jez Butterworth's drama The River three times in the last week of June:
  • on Tue 25th, Thur 27th, and Sat 29th June, at 8 p.m. in Hörsaal II, University of Augsburg.
Tickets at 10 € / 5 € (concessions) will be on sale from June 11 at Taschenbuchladen Krüger and online from this website.
Jez Butterworth is one of Britain's leading playwrights. The River, first performed in 2012 at the Royal Court Theatre, was well received by critics. Michael Billington at the Guardian called the play "strange, eerie, tense and, on a single viewing, slightly unfathomable" although at first things look "reasonably clear": "We are in a wooden cabin on the cliffs above a river. It belongs to The Man, who is playing host to The Woman. He is a dedicated fisherman who goes into ecstasies about sea trout, which can be caught in profusion on a moonless night once a year. This is just such a night and the capacity to share his excitement becomes a ... test for The Woman, who appears to be his new girlfriend." Soon, however, the situation changes in unforeseen ways ...

We have discovered that this is the first time The River will be staged in Germany. So, after the Augsburg Staatstheater's German premiere of Jerusalem last year, this will be the second time Jez Butterworth is coming to Augsburg in the 2020's.


The River is available both as a paperback and online through NickHernBooks and other online bookshops.


Please note that groups of 10+ get a 10% reduction on the normal ticket price of 10 € / 5 € (concessions).


Costume Sketches 1 © Elfi Jaenisch, AnglistenTheater
© Elfi Jaenisch, AnglistenTheater





Here are some costume sketches for

The River, by costume designer Elfi Jaenisch.


Costume sketches 1: the man, the woman, the other woman, another woman.

Costume sketches 2: the man, the woman in the red dress.

Our winter production 2023/24: Two Caryl Churchill shorts

Here are some photos from our production of Caryl Churchill's Escaped Alone and Here We Go taken at the dress rehearsal -- more photos here.

Escaped Alone: Mrs. J, Sally, Vi, Lena © Anatoli Oskin, AnglistenTheater
Escaped Alone: Mrs. J © Anatoli Oskin, AnglistenTheater
Escaped Alone: Vi, Lena © Anatoli Oskin, AnglistenTheater
Sally © Anatoli Oskin, AnglistenTheater
Here We Go, Sc 1 © Anatoli Oskin, AnglistenTheater
Here We Go, Sc 2 © Anatoli Oskin, AnglistenTheater
Here We Go, Sc 3 © Anatoli Oskin, AnglistenTheater
The team © Anatoli Oskin, AnglistenTheater


Here is a sketch drawn by Nina Rugullis, an art student at Augsburg University, during the dress rehearsal, incorporating impressions of both plays.


Artist's impression of the dress rehearsal of the Churchill plays: Escaped Alone © Nina Rugullis, AnglistenTheater
Artist's impression of the dress rehearsal of the Churchill plays: Here We Go © Nina Rugullis, AnglistenTheater

Interested in joining us?

We always welcome new members from all parts of the world, whether they would like to be on stage as actresses and actors, or rather join our team of creatives or the backstage and front of house crew. Newcomers need not have a "theatre background", but should have good or very good English, and lots of enthusiasm.


If you would like to know more about this, do mail us at   anglistentheater@philhist.uni-augsburg.de

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