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The application period for the Bachelorseminar Accounting is from 29.09.2023 (0:00) to 19.10.2023 (23:59).


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Dr. Christina Manthei-Geh (organizational responsibility)



The topic of this year's Bachelorseminar Accounting is Corporate Social Responsibility. Corporate responsibility is increasingly becoming a matter of general social interest in our time. Initiatives to curb the environmental crisis, for example, can be found at all levels of society - Fridays for Future or a politically coordinated nuclear phase-out are just two examples. At the same time, it is social issues that pose challenges for companies - from gender equality to allegations of corruption. How do companies reconcile the conflicting priorities of ecology, social issues and economy (the so-called triple bottom line of sustainability)? How responsible do companies actually behave? What information do companies publish on these topics? Is voluntary sustainability reporting related to subsequent (mis)behavior? How has the setting changed since large European public interest companies have been required to report on sustainability on a mandatory basis? Since financial success is essential for survival, the question for many companies is under which conditions often costly investments in environmental protection are actually worthwhile. Is environmental protection merely an unavoidable evil to satisfy various stakeholders, or does it perhaps even result in a competitive advantage or financial benefit? At the same time, the question arises as to why companies sometimes fail to act responsibly despite social pressure. Which mechanisms of corporate management can have an influence here? Does the corporate governance information published by companies actually reflect an improved corporate structure? Or do companies have incentives to distort such information in their own interests? What are the motives for accounting fraud, for example? To what extent do these depend on the ownership structure in the company? How effective are measures to combat accounting fraud? What are the short- and long-term effects of uncovered fraud cases for companies? All these topics are in the public interest of our time. We also want to look at corporate social responsibility in various facets as part of the seminar.



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The number of participants accepted to take part in the Bachelorseminar Accounting is limited. The selection of participants is based on the courses attended at the chair and the letter of application. Applicants will receive information on admission or rejection by e-mail after the application deadline.

A detailed presentation of the individual seminar topics takes place in the introductory session. Please read and consider provided documents on seminar topics and further announcements in the corresponding Digicampus group. The assignment of topics will take place directly after the introductory session.



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Seminar requirements

The Bachelorseminar Accounting is suitable for bachelor students of the Finance, Accounting, Controlling & Taxation cluster and for bachelor students of the GBM and ReWi programs. It is recommended to take the seminar in the third year of study. In particular, prior attendance of the course "Bilanzierung III" is recommended.

The seminar requirements consist of the preparation of a term paper as well as an interim and a final presentation of results. In the interim presentation, students present the planned structure of their term papers to the other seminar participants. After submission of the term papers (usually shortly before or after Christmas break), students present the final results and key take aways of their work (usually timely after the break). Interim and final presentations will take place on blocked dates.



The introductory session usually takes place in the first week of the semester for admitted participants. The exact date will be announced asap. Further information on the seminar schedule (presentation and submission dates and deadlines) will be provided in the introductory session and in the corresponding Digicampus group in due course.


Further information

Information on the required formal design of your seminar paper is published in the "Guidelines for the preparation of scientific papers". These are available in Digicampus under "Chair Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Schultze" -> "Files".


During the seminar, your name and e-mail address will be disclosed to the other seminar participants. If you do not agree to this, please let us know when you register!


Please note that your registration for the bachelor seminar must be regarded as binding. If you fail to complete the required work without justification or if you drop out, the chair reserves the right to take this decision into account when you reapply for a seminar place or for participation in further courses with participant restrictions.