Lower Partial Moments in econometric risk measurement

Classic portfolio optimization according to Markowitz uses only variance as a measure of portfolio risk (PF). However, risk-averse investors are in principle happy to accept a positive deviation of their PF return (relative to a given benchmark), while negative deviations are seen as the "real" risk. This fact leads to the so-called "downside" risk measures such as lower partial moments.


a) Potential questions


  • How can alternative risk measures, e.g., lower partial moments (LPM) or special subsets (e.g., semivariances) be used to measure risk in portfolios?
  • Under what aspects are utility-theoretic LPM risk measures optimal with respect to a risk-averse investor?
  • LPM portfolios are to be empirically compared with Markowitz's conventional theory using performance and risk measures in an out-of-sample study, and the relation to theoretical properties is to be illustrated.


b) Data

  • A data set is to be selected independently on the basis of the literature
  • For example, stock, commodity, currency and index returns are conceivable for this purpose


c) Additional information


It is necessary to use a true out-of-sample methodology for evaluating portfolios with R: Here, the "Rolling Window" or "Expanding Window" methods are to be used. These have to be programmed with the help of the statistical software R.








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