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Ideally, a course on "Fiscal Policy" consists of Chapters 2, 4, and 5, while a course on "Social Security and Debt" should contain Chapters 3, 6, and 7.




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Ch. 1. Introduction    
Part I.
Useful Models
Ch. 2. Ramsey Model ​download PDF file June 6, 2018
Ch. 3. The Overlapping Generations Model ​download PDF file May 15, 2020
Part II. 
Fiscal Policy
Ch. 4. Government Consumption ​download PDF file June 6, 2018
Ch. 5. Income Taxatation ​download PDF file June 6, 2018
Part III. 
Social Security, Demographics, and Debt
Ch. 6. Pensions ​download PDF file May 15, 2020
Ch. 7. Debt ​download PDF file June 6, 2018
Extra Material:     
The Auerbach-Kotlikoff Model ​download PDF file May 18, 2020
Laffer Curve in OLG Models download PDF file July 2, 2019
  Manuscript July 2, 2019



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