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Python programs (source code)


GAUSS programs (source code)


Matlab programs (source code)

Ch. 1. Introduction      
Part I. Useful Models      
Ch. 2. Ramsey Model   ​download ZIP file ​ ​​download ZIP file
Ch. 3. The Overlapping Generations Model download ZIP file ​download ZIP file ​ ​​download ZIP file
Part II. Fiscal Policy      
Ch. 4. Government Consumption   ​download ZIP file ​ ​​download ZIP file
Ch. 5. Income Taxatation   ​download ZIP file ​ ​​download ZIP file
Part III.  Social Security, Demographics, and Debt      
Ch. 6. Pensions download ZIP file ​download ZIP file ​ ​​download ZIP file
Ch. 7. Debt   ​download ZIP file ​ ​​download ZIP file




Video tutorials for the GAUSS/MATLAB code are available here.


A script for the python code can be found here .


Hints for MATLAB-Users: 

In order to run the programs for the stochastic dynamic general equilibrium models of Chapters 4 and 5 (e.g., Ch4rbc1.mod), you need to install DYNARE (freely downloadable):


In order to start the program, change the path in Matlab to the directory containing the files and type:

dynare Ch4rbc1.mod