After an individual case-by-case review of a successfully completed degree at the Faculty of Business Administration and Economics at the University of Augsburg after January 1, 2005, the chair will provide students with a written proof of their special environmental economic competence, if they have completed a specific study program as part of their main studies. This study program must have been based on the courses from the specialization of the chair. For futher information contact the student advisor of the chair.


In order to obtain the environmental economic competence certificate, depending on the degree, a certain number of credit points must be achieved in the relevant environmental and resource economics courses. If a bachelor's degree in economics or business administration has been acquired, at least 20 credit points are required. In the case of a master's degree, at least 12 credit points are required, as well as the master's thesis at the Chair of Environmental and Resource Economics. If the degree was completed with a diploma, at least 28 credit points are required.


Upon request the document of the environmental economic competence certificate will be issued by the chair in a German and an English version. It lists the specific, competence-related courses explicitly without giving grades. The courses named in the model ( Diploma Bachelor Master) are only exemplary and not binding.