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Do we need a price on CO2 and how high should it be? Can we monetarily assess environmental quality and should we do this? Why do climate negotiations fail? How does emissions trading work? Will we soon run out of fossil fuels, and is that a problem? What can be done to combat overfishing in the world's oceans? What role does the market play in solving environmental problems and what role should the state play?


In teaching, we offer a variety of lectures and seminars on these and similar issues. In these courses, students learn to analyze environmental problems using advanced microeconomic methods and to come up with rational solutions.


A particular focus of our research activities is the economics of climate change. Due to numerous uncertainties, the long-term impacts of greenhouse gases and the global nature of causes and effects, this research area poses many challenges both for the further development of the theory and for the formulation of practical policy conclusions.

Note: Except for the seminar for Erasmus-students, all courses offered by the chair are in German language.

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March 30, 2023

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May 12, 2020

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