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The Institute for Economics is the organizational unit for economics in the Faculty of Business and Economics at the University of Augsburg. Its task is the disciplinary and interdisciplinary development and promotion in research as well as teaching.


The Cluster Economics summarizes all offered courses for students in graduate and post graduate programs at the University of Augsburg. It is one of four Clusters in the Faculty of Business and Economics and considers a wide variety of economic problems on micro and macroeconomic scale.




The students acquire theoretical and empirical knowledge of methods with persisting useability and learn to utilize this knowledge to solve economic problems.

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Solution competence

Our aim is to enable our students to utilize economic models as well as information gathering and evaluation techniques by applying modern empirical methods. The provision of the required skills to systematically analyze complex economic problems on company as well as economy wide level is our priority.

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You are free to choose the topics and courses of your studies depending on your interests and skills rather than having to commit to a profession from the very start. Your ability to think in the context of models will be an advantage throughout your whole professional life.


Professoren, Lehrstühle und Ehrendoktor

Public Economics
Empirical Macroeconomics
Environmental and Resource Economics
Applied Microeconomics
Economic Policy


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Beratung zur Studienorganisation

Anerkennung von Leistungen

Beratung zum Nebenfach Volkswirtschaftslehre

Dr. Albrecht Bossert
Institut für Volkswirtschaftslehre
Alexander Lerf
Cluster Assistant Cluster Economics, Student Counselor for VWL and EPP, Research Assistant
Prof. Dr. Burkhard Heer: Finanzwissenschaft
Prof. Dr. Peter Michaelis: Umwelt- und Ressourcenökonomie
Dr. Simone Raab-Kratzmeier
Akad. Rätin
Chair of Economic Policy and Industrial Economics

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