The academic lectures of the Jakob-Fugger-Zentrum highlight new transnational research and approaches from different viewpoints. Featuring captivating speakers, the lectures offer a platform for discussion and stimulating exchange across disciplinary boundaries.

In the winter semester of 2018/19, the academic lectures focussed on the dark side of the Enlightenment and the relationship between cosmopolitanism and civil war. They examined the pension crisis and the perception of a "demographic time bomb" in a transnational comparative perspective. They also explored Otherness from a philosophical perspective and analysed the meta-geography underlying the Chinese project of a New Silk Road.




Lectures and Events in the Winter Semester 2018/19


15.11.2018, 18.30 pm, D 2107, University of Augsburg
The Dark Side of the Enlightenment: Cosmopolitanism and Civil War
Prof. David R. Armitage, Litt.D., Ph.D.
Blankfein Professor of History (Harvard University)



21.11.2018, 18.15 pm, D 2128, University of Augsburg
Pension crisis and "demographic time bomb". Debates and perceptual patterns in Germany and Great Britain at the turn of the 21st century
Prof. Dr. Cornelius Torp
(University of Bremen/ Visiting Fellowship for Transnational Studies at the Jakob-Fugger-Zentrum)


27.11.2018, 18.30 pm, D 2107, University of Augsburg
Fremde im eigenen Haus
Prof. em. Dr. Dr. hc. Bernhard Waldenfels
(Ruhr-University Bochum)



-Lecture cancelled-

11.12.2018, 18.30 pm, D 2110, University of Augsburg
China's Global Connectivity Politics: A new meta-geography for international politics?
Dr. Nadine Godehardt
(Foundation for Science and Politics, German Institute for Politics and Security, Berlin)