Jakob-Fugger-Zentrum. Center for Advanced Transnational Studies

The Jakob-Fugger-Zentrum (JFZ) is the Center for Advanced Studies in the Humanities, Cultural Studies and Social Sciences at the University of Augsburg. The JFZ’s foremost goal is to support innovative research, and to establish connections between researchers across disciplines and national borders. The Center also seeks to highlight and communicate innovative research findings in the Humanities, Cultural Studies and Social Sciences to audiences inside and outside academia. The JFZ’s main purpose is to strengthen and encourage research in the Humanities, Cultural Studies and Social Sciences at the University of Augsburg.


The JFZ was created in 2012. Its foundation reflects the idea of a “Networking University”, introduced by the University of Augsburg’s then newly elected president, Dr. Sabine Doering-Manteuffel. Thus, the JFZ aims to contribute to the university’s academic profile by connecting the local key areas of expertise under the guidance of a central institution, helping to strengthen the university’s position within the academic world.


Research at the JFZ takes both a transnational and interdisciplinary approach to work on the substantial problems faced by a globalized society, thus it contributes significantly to addressing global challenges and issues. It communicates its research results nationally and internationally.

Live@Home: Der objektive Idealismus - Registering for lectures and workshops held by Vittorio Hösle

Please note: The upcoming events will take place via Zoom due to the recent developments of the Corona pandemic.

Please register via the respective registration forms for each event so we can send you the corresponding link.


January 11th 2022, 18:30 pm
Lecture: Objective Idealism and Theism

Online-Lecture via Zoom





January 18th 2022, 18:30 pm
Lecture: Global centrifugal forces

Online-Lecture via Zoom





January 12th and 19th 2022, 16:00 am
Workshop-series for graduate and doctoral students:

Critique of Reason and Ovid's Encyclopedia of Love

Online-Lecture via Zoom







Jan. 4, 2022

Vittorio Hösle on climate, corona and global centrifugal forces

Climate change, Corona pandemic, and the dynamics of a globally interconnected world confront societies with numerous challenges. In two digital events on January 11 and 18, 2021, as part of his International Visiting Lectureship at the Jakob Fugger Center, Vittorio Hösle will examine the challenges posed by these issues and the answers philosophy can offer. He is a professor of philosophy at the University of Notre Dame (Indiana, USA).

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Dec. 9, 2021

Vittorio Hösle in Augsburg - jetzt Live@Home: Anmeldung zu Vorträgen offen

Mit dem in den USA lehrenden Philosophen Vittorio Hösle ist es gelungen, im Wintersemester 2021/22 einen der prominentesten Vertreter des objektiven Idealismus für die Internationale Gastdozentur am Jakob-Fugger-Zentrum der Universität Augsburg zu gewinnen.


Die Veranstaltungen finden aufgrund der jüngsten Entwicklungen der Corona-Pandemie digital per Zoom statt. Sie können sich über die jeweiligen Anmeldeformulare für die einzelnen Veranstaltungen anmelden.



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Nov. 26, 2021

Stadtgeschichte(n): Die Gegenwart der Vergangenheit in Augsburg

Bereits zum achten Mal findet 2021 die Vortragsreihe „Stadtgeschichte(n)“ des Jakob-Fugger-Zentrums der Universität Augsburg in Kooperation mit dem Fugger und Welser Erlebnismuseum statt.


Aufgrund der anhaltenden Unsicherheit bezüglich der Corona-Situation werden die Vorträge auch in diesem Jahr nicht wie gewohnt in den Räumen des Museums stattfinden, sondern in den virtuellen Raum verlegt: Eine digitale Zoom-Veranstaltung ermöglicht es allen Interessierten in Augsburg und darüber hinaus Live@Home dabei zu sein.

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