Social and political developments are often transnational - they extend beyond the borders of countries. Research into transnational phenomena requires new, interdisciplinary approaches, for which the Jakob Fugger Center at the University of Augsburg stands.

The series Internationale Schriften des Jakob-Fugger-Zentrums, published by V&R Unipress in Göttingen, brings together outstanding international research from various disciplines. The monographs and anthologies in the series are dedicated to the global challenges and issues of societies from different perspectives. They undergo a double-blind peer review process.


Applications for inclusion in the publication series should be addressed to the Board of the Jakob Fugger Center.

Center Management
Volume 1: Johanna Hartmann/Hubert Zapf (eds.): Censorship & Exile. Göttingen 2015.
Volume 2: Harald Lesch/Bernd Oberdorfer/Stephanie Waldow (Eds.): Der Himmel als transkultureller ethischer Raum. Göttingen 2016.
Volume 3: Bettina Bannasch/ Peter Rychlo (eds.): Formen des Magischen Realismus und der Jüdischen Renaissance. Göttingen 2021.
Volume 4: Matthias Schmidt/ Hubert Zapf (eds.): Environmental Humanities. Beiträge zur geistes- und sozialwissenschaftlichen Umweltforschung. Göttingen 2021.
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