Aleida und Jan Assmann - Bild von Phillip Roth

Attention: Due to the cancellation of major events because of the spread of the coronavirus, the lectures at the International Guest Lectureship at the Jakob Fugger Centre will be postponed to the winter semester 2020/21. We regret this very much! The new dates will follow as soon as possible.


Much to our delight, in the summer semester of 2020 Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Aleida and Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Jan Assmann will hold the International Visiting Professorship at the Jakob-Fugger-Zentrum.


The lectures of the award-winning, congenial researcher couple, whose names are inseparably linked to the concept of cultural memory, will be dealing with the topic of "Remembering and Forgetting".


April 21st 2020, 18.30 pm

Jan Assmann: Die Erfindung des Altertums: Schrift, Kanon, Vergangenheit

Universität Augsburg, Hörsaal 1009, Geb. H (Jura)



My 26th 2020, 18.30 pm

Aleida Assmann: Räumliche und zeitliche Bilder des Erinnerns und Vergessens

Augustana-Saal, Evangelisches Forum Annahof



June 23rd 2020, 18.30 pm

Jan Assmann: Solches tut zu meinem Gedächtnis. Liturgische Erinnerung

S-Forum, Municipal Library



June 30th 2020, 18.30 pm

Aleida Assmann: Gemeinsinn. Was ihn bedroht und was man dagegen tun kann

State Textile and Industry Museum Augsburg


Workshop series for master- and doctoral students on April 22nd, May 27th, June 24th and July 1st 2020 from 10-12am in room D 2056