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As the first holder of the newly created "International Visiting Professorship at the Jakob-Fugger-Zentrum", Ambassador Avi Primor came to Augsburg in May for a lecture and a discussion with researchers from the University. Among the topics were the current situation in Israel, the conflict in the Middle East and the relationship between Judaism and Christianity.


Ambassador Avi Primor, born in Tel Aviv in 1935, is Director of the Trilateral Centre for European Studies, a Palestinian-Israeli-Jordanian cooperation project at the University of Tel Aviv. He served in the Israeli Foreign Ministry for 39 years, including as Israel's Ambassador to the European Union, in Belgium and Luxembourg, as well as Ambassador to the Federal Republic of Germany. His area of expertise is international affairs.


The International Visiting Professorship at the Jakob-Fugger-Zentrum offers students, teachers as well as interested citizens the opportunity to meet internationally renowned personalities from politics, economy, science and art in Augsburg. With lectures, seminars and debates on central questions of our time, the International Visiting Professorship promotes the exchange between the lecturers, the University of Augsburg and the municipal community. The International Visiting Professorship is a joint initiative of the Faculties of Humanities, Cultural and Social Sciences and the Jakob-Fugger-Zentrum.

For the opening lecture on May 4th, the organizers were pleased to see that more than 250 interested people had made their way to the Law Lecture Hall to listen to Mr. Primor's lecture "Is there still a chance for peace in the Middle East after the last Israeli election?

On the following day the interest was undiminished: about 150 listeners came to the auditorium in the university's art and music building to attend Avi Primor's discussion with Prof. em. Dr. Hanspeter Heinz on "The Development of Christian-Jewish Relations". Prof. Dr. Bernd Oberdorfer hosted the event.