The WZU („Wissenschaftszentrum Umwelt“) is a central scientific institution at Augsburg University that promotes interdisciplinary research and teaching. The focal points of our research activities are the Environmental Humanities, Environmental Health Sciences, Ressource Strategies, Narratives of Substances („Stoffgeschichten“), and science communication.

We also conduct practical (research) projects in local environments and develop solutions, together with partners from business and industry, the public and administrative sectors, and  from extra-university research institutions.

We have set standards in the inter- and transdisciplinary Environmental Sciences and work as an interface between the research conducted at Augsburg University, various partners in industry, and local authorities / NGOs active in the environmental sector.




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Periodic Table of Daily Life

Folge 1: Die einfachste Nebelkammer der Welt
Folge 2: Ruß macht sichtbar
Folge 3: Tinte aus dem Wald
Alle 9 Folgen Periodensystem des Alltags mit zusätzlichen Informationen

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