General language courses

General language courses in French

We offer six modules leading up to level B2 ( CEFR).


Language requirements

Students with previous learning experience in French who are interested in taking part in a French language course other than "Français 1" and who are uncertain about their level of proficiency are strongly advised to contact the head of the French department.


Please be sure to register only for courses corresponding to your level of proficiency. For information on entry and target levels of our language courses, please see the module information below or the module handbook ("Modulhandbuch") of your degree programme.


Please note:

Once you've been assigned a place in a given course through Digicampus, it is unlikely that you will be able to change to a different course or level, even if it should turn out that a different level would have been more appropriate.



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Terminvereinbarung über Digicampus


Catherine Gagnon, M.A.
Leiterin der Abteilung
  • Phone: +49 821 598 - 5172
  • Email:
  • Room 8016 (Building BCM)