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The University Archives represents the institutionalised “memory” of the University of Augsburg. Its foremost task is to collect, organize, preserve permanently, and make accessible for research purposes all records of permanent value which originate in the academic self-administration, the university administration, all institutions in the central area and faculties as well as in the scientific institutions which are affiliated with the University. The said entities and institutions are obliged to forward all non-current documents to the University Archives, which will decide whether or not to preserve them.

A further major task of the University Archives consists in the documentation of the foundation, development, and history of the University of Augsburg. To this end, the University Archives collects documents regardless of format which may serve to supplement, open up and use archived documents and may be used to study the history of the University of Augsburg or its predecessors as the Pädagogische Hochschule Augsburg. This collection also particularly comprises the written legacy of eminent faculty members. 

By doing research into the history of the University of Augsburg and its predecessor institutions, it makes a valuable contribution towards public relations as well as towards creating a certain degree of identification between students, staff and "their" University.




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