After entering Germany, you are by law required to register with the registration authorites. This has to be done within two weeks. In Germany, each citizen is obliged to register, including Germans.


Important! Due to the current situation, the registration can only be done via e-mail. To do so, please send the following documents by e-mail, fully completed and signed, to the Service Center of Academic Immigration which will forward your documents - after checking them - to the Foreigners' Registration Office of the City of Augsburg:


  • passport (including your visa, if applicable)
  • If you have entered the country without a visa, please enclose proof of the reason for your stay (e.g. admission to a study program or language course, internship contract, etc.)
  • if obtained: your residence permit (including the green "Zusatzblatt")
  • registration form  fill-in help
  • confirmation of the landlord/provider of housing space (" Wohnungsgeberbestätigung")


The provider of housing space is either your landlord, a person mandated by your landlord or the main tenant if you are a subtenant.