All Erasmus+ exchange students are required to sign a learning agreement (LA) by Erasmus+ regulations. 



Choosing courses

Please read carefully the information on course offer, restrictions and requirements to be found here.



How to submit your learning agreement

  • From 2022/23 onwards digital learning agreements are mandatory for the Erasmus Programme (Erasmus Without Paper - EWP). Your home university will let you know which tool/platform they use to connect to the EWP network for example the OLA platform, MoveOn, Solonovo...

  • If the tool your home university uses, requires you to fill in personal and institutional data yourself, please make sure to fill in everything carefully and correctly:

    • Academic Year: 2023/24

    • Receiving Institution: Universität Augsburg (D AUGSBUR01)

    • Contact and/or responsible person at the host institution: Anne Hanik,

  • Fill in only modules from the respective module catalogue(s) above that take place in the semester of your exchange. If yours is a full year mobility (Winter AND summer semester) please indicate modules for both semesters.

  • We aim to process incoming LAs within 1-2 week(s), but please be aware that during the summer holidays it might take longer.

  • You should note that signatures on the Before the Mobility-Learning Agreement denote approval in principle only, and that the University of Augsburg cannot be held responsible for any discrepancy between previously-signed Before the Mobility-Learning Agreements and the actual availability of courses when students arrive in October (or in April, as the case may be).

  • If a module has been provisionally approved on your learning agreement, this is not a guarantee that you will be admitted to thre respective course(s): in some cases, there may be a limit on the number of students that can register for a particular course, or in some cases you may have to consult with the relevant academic coordinator or professor to be admitted to a course. You will find out more at the Academic Orientation session before the semester start.