All Erasmus exchange students are required to sign a learning agreement with their home and host university. It is the most important document of the exchange.

Choosing courses

  • The general workload per semester is 30 ECTS. We recommend that you aim to take about this number of ECTS, but you are not obliged to do so by the University of Augsburg. Please discuss the requirements with your home university
  • We recommend you to mainly take courses from your own field of study, but you are also allowed to choose courses at other faculties, if they fit your academic profile and interests.
  • Be aware of the language of instruction of the courses you wish to take. If your German is below B2 level, please take your courses in English.
  • Exchange students are recommended to also choose German language classes as well as intercultural courses specifically aimed at exchange students to complete your learning agreement
  • As an Erasmus exchange student you are not allowed to submit/defend your thesis at the University of Augsburg. If you plan on doing independent work for your thesis during your exchange, you may do so, but it won’t be part of your learning agreement and you still have to take some regular courses.

How to submit your learning agreement

  • Please check with your home university if they are ready to exchange digital learning agreements.
  • If your university is not yet in the position to sign digital learning agreements, you can submit your learning agreement as a pdf, but please make sure the scan is of good quality.