Getting Informed about Course Offering

Before being nominated for a slot in the WeltWeit exchange program and applying with us, please check thoroughly if there are courses at the University of Augsburg you are interested in and you can take according to your language skills.


In order to apply to the WeltWeit program, you must first go through the selection/application process at your home university. The exchange coordinator at the International Office of your home university will then nominate you for the exchange program WeltWeit.


Time frames for nomination within the University of Augsburg’s WeltWeit program:

  • For winter semester: March 20 - April 20 => For WiSe 2020 the nomination deadline is extended to May 20, 2020
  • For summer semester: October 1 - October 31


The application (as well as all following steps during the exchange) will be processed on our online platform Mobility-Online. As soon as you are nominated, we will contact you via email and send you all necessary information for registration and use of Mobility-Online.  

The following application documents must be uploaded to Mobility-Online within the course of the application process:

 >>> Application documents

Good to know: The application for the exchange program also includes the application for the  WeltWeit Scholarship! You are not required to hand in any additional documents for the scholarship application.


Application deadlines:

  • for winter semester: April 30 => For WiSe 2020, the application deadline is extended to May 31, 2020
  • for summer semester: November 10