The semester in Augsburg was the best time of my life. I was able to fully enjoy active school, city life and the beautiful nature. There was various school programs to meet many other exchange students. Even during the lockdown, I was able to communicate with students through 1:1 programs. It was easy to settle down in Augsburg as the WeltWeit office always did their best to help me in all processes. I will keep my precious memories from Augsburg forever thanks to WeltWeit program.

Jungyoun Choi, EWHA Womans University
summer semester 2021

Even though there were restrictions during the pandemic lockdown, I still had the greatest time as an exchange student at the University of Augsburg. I got to know German culture through German language courses. The WeltWeit team also offered some outside activities during lockdown, which gave me some fantastic experiences. Whenever I had problems, the WeltWeit team was there and helped me solve the problem as soon as possible. The WeltWeit team is the best!

Wan-Yi Kuo, National Sun Yat-sen University (NSYSU), Taiwan R.O.C.
winter semester 2020/21

I loved my time at Uni Augsburg. This university had a great spirit I could always feel when I was walking around the campus. Whenever a problem arose, the Weltweit Office was there to help me. And they offered many opportunities to know about Germany and make new friends. I was able to improve my German skills so much. I thank everyone who has made my time in Augsburg so special - from my friends to the very helpful Weltweit staff.

Hana Kuribayashi, Kwansei Gakuin University (KGU), Japan
summer semester 2019, winter semester 2019/20

I will never regret choosing Augsburg University to do my exchange. The life as a student here was great. The city offers a lot activities as well as nature nearby and the most important thing is the people I've met. Doing exchange at Augsburg University is everything I expected and more.

Jessie Aracelli Cabrera Roque, Pontificia Universidad Cathólica del Peru
summer semester 2019, winter semester 2019/20

Neuschwanstein and Dachau were almost the only things I knew about Bavaria before I came to Germany. But Bavaria is more than that, completely different from everything else on earth. Augsburg is a cultural anthropologist's treasure trove. The city is small and very comfortable, but literally every day you can find something new. Studying at the University in Augsburg was one of the strongest motivational impulses of my life. It's a truly priceless experience.

Viktoriia Krasikova, Moscow State Pedagogical University (MSPU)
winter semester 2019/20

Looking back on my year abroad, I can confidently say that my exchange stay in Augsburg was a life-changing experience. I loved the community environment of the city, which allowed me to practice my German and fully immerse myself in the German culture. In involving myself with the Weltweit program, I was able to learn so much about Germany while meeting new friends from all around the world. I was very thankful to have had the support of the Weltweit scholarship to assist me.

Christiana Lee, Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada
winter semester 2018/19, summer semester 2019

I never expected that I could love Augsburg that much. Spending one year here was the best decision I have ever made. For studying, uni offers a wide rage of German courses and I also had the chance to get to know more about different fields of American law. All the memories here with friends are irreplaceable and Augsburg will always stay in my heart. And thank you so much, Weltweit Office, you kindly offer so much help and not to mention the awesome excursions and country night events.

Peng-Min Tung, National Chengchi University, Taiwan
winter semester 2019, summer semester 2019

I spent six months in Augsburg doing my exchange and I can say it was worth it. The university helped me to strengthen my research tools and German language skills. Both the city and the international relations office of the university are responsible for offering many events and activities for students. It is an awake city! As a student you have many facilities, transportation is free and there are many discounts. In addition, the scholarship was a great help.

Jose Miguel Gomez Martinez, Universidad EAFIT, Colombia
summer semester 2018

Honestly, I was so nervous about my stay in Augsburg for the first days, but I could get used to this cozy environment easily. Here are lots of events for international students and excursions that attract students. I had lots of great experiences here in Augsburg, they can never be replaced. I was so lucky that I could study here, and I'm so thankful to the WeltWeit office members helping me every time!

Meg Obata, Kwansei Gakuin University (KGU), Japan
winter semester 2018/19

I came on exchange to Augsburg with no expectations and I never imagined I would love it here as much as I do! It is a beautiful city with many gems to discover... It was apparent to me on my very first day that the WeltWeit team was always willing to help and there to optimize the experience for exchange students. There are numerous ways to get involved through the International.Classroom program and attending events and excursions. I’m so thankful I did it because it enhanced my experience...

Ceiledh Monk, Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada, winter semester 19/20, summer semester 20

Augsburg - Impressions

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