Preparing your Move-in

Around one month before your arrival, you need to prepare your move-in into the dormitory. You will receive further instructions from the Studentenwerk via email.

  1. Paying deposit and first rents

Transfer the deposit and the rents for your apartment in good time to the Studentenwerk's account. The deadline for the transaction, as well as the account details, are included in the confirmation for your dorm room, which you will receive in an email from the Studentenwerk.

Please note:
If you do not transfer the money for deposit and rents in time, you will lose your claim for the apartment without further notice! In this case, you will have to take care of accommodation in Augsburg by yourself. The payment needs to arrive on the Studentenwerk’s account within the deadline. Please bear in mind that your transfer might take a few days to go through.

  1. Scheduling a move-in date with the dorm manager

Contact the dorm manager of your dorm and set a date for your move-in. You will receive the manager's contact details in an email by the Studentenwerk. The dorm managers are best to be reached by phone. Ask your tutor for help with the phonecall.

Please note:

  • It is not always possible to move into the dorm at the date of your choice. Moving in can only be guaranteed from the 3rd workday of October (Winter Semester) or April (Summer Semester) onwards. Please take this into account and make sure to book a hostel or a hotel if you cannot move into the dorm on the day you arrive in Augsburg.
  • The move-in is only possible on a workdays (Monday - Friday). If you arrive outside of working hours, please notify your tutor. He/She may be able to pick up your room key beorehand.

Hostels in Augsburg:

Übernacht Hostel
Jugendherberge Augsburg
Slamba Hostel




For the winter semester 2022/23, we recommend you to arrive between October 6th and October 11th 2022 (please note the information about possible move-in dates you receive from ´the dormitory organization „Studentenwerk“)


After your arrival in Augsburg there is lots of important things to do and compulsory events you will need to attend. Please make sure to arrive in time.



We recommend choosing the airport Munich "Franz-Josef-Strauß" for arrival. You will have to arrange your travel to Augsburg by yourself. Information about the way from the Airport Munich to Augsburg and the University can be found here .