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Time flies and your exchange is almost over! We hope you had an enjoyable time in Augsburg and at the University.


Before you can wrap up your exchange stay, please bear in mind that there are some important things to take care of. Here you can find an overview of the steps you should start carrying out about 3 weeks before leaving:

Your Last Steps in Augsburg

When?: 2-3 weeks before you leave

In order to get your security deposit for your dormitory room back, you need to make an appointment for moving out of your room with the Hausmeister (dorm manager). Please make the appointment as early as possible – two weeks before your departure at the very latest.

You have received an email from the Studentenwerk containing a document about the transfer of the security deposit which you must hand in before the appointment with the Hausmeister. For the appointment, you will also need the "Übergabezertifikat" (certificate of delivery), that you received when you moved into your dormitory room.

Please clean your room thoroughly! If you leave something in your room behind, or if it is not completely cleaned, the Studentenwerk will have to clean it again. The cost of this is rather expensive and will be deducted from your security deposit.

Please plan accordingly on your day of departure so that you will have enough time. The inspection of your room can take from 15-60 minutes. If you are not fluent in German, we suggest that you ask your German tutor to be present as most of the Hausmeister are not fluent in English. To avoid any dispute later, it's important that you can communicate about possible defects of the room (if it has to be painted again etc.) at the time of the hand over.

Please make sure to get a copy or at least take a photo of the Abnahmeprotokoll (certificate signed at the hand over about the condition of the room).


If everything is ok with your room, the security deposit in the amount from 230-400 € which you paid at the beginning of the semester will be transferred back to your account (that you submitted to the Studentenwerk) about 3 months after the semester ends.

Necessary documents for the appointment:
- Übergabezertifikat (handover certificate)

When?: 2-3 weeks before you leave


At the end of your exchange studies you will be automatically deregistered from the university.


If you need a proof of your deregistration while you are still in Augsburg, you can deregister yourself by sending the following form by email to studentenkanzlei@zv.uni-augsburg.de or



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Afterwards, you will receive a document named „Bescheinigung über Studienzeiten“ to the address you have registered with, which serves as official proof of your de-registration.


Before you leave, you should also give/send back your (empty) campus card. Please make sure to withdraw the money left on your card before handing/sending in the card. Terminals that allow you to withdraw the money can be found in the mensa (cafeteria).


Necessary documents:

  • your filled out und signed university deregistration form
  • Return Campus Card Augsburg (CCA)

When?: 2-3 weeks before you leave


Before your departure, you must close out your German health insurance if you have one. If you have registered for your health insurance via an online provider, you can terminate your health insurance online as well. You might need to attach some form of proof that you have finished your studies in Augsburg (such as flight tickets or the proof of deregistration from the universitys, see point 2.)


Necessary documents:

  • copy of your flight tickets back home
  • (if available) copy of your Bescheinigung der Studienzeiten (confirmation of deregistration from the university)

When?: 2 weeks before you leave


Before your departure you must give notice to the foreigners' registration office. To do this, please visit the following website of the University’s Immigration Office: https://www.uniaugsburg.de/en/portal/internationals/hochschulbetreuungsstelle/after-studies/leaving-germany/


Fill out the form you can find there (ask your tutor to help you filling it out – you can also use the fill-in help on the website!) and send it with the rest of the documents listed on the website via email to aufenthalt.uni@augsburg.de


You should do this about 2 weeks before your departure. There are no fees to pay during your deregistration.

Necessary documents:

  • Scan of passport
  • Scan of residence permit + green paper or „Fiktionsbescheinigung“
  • City deregistration form (can be found on the website above. Please fill this out with your tutor or ask us for help if you need any)




About one week before or up to two weeks after your official move-out from Augsburg you must de-register the residence at the city of Augsburg. To do this please fill out the 'deregistration' indicating that you are moving abroad again (Abmeldung ins Ausland). You can do it online after registering in the portal or send the necessary form by post ( to be found here). If you have trouble with the German forms (online or printout), ask your tutor to help you fill it out.

When?: about 1 week before you leave


Please do not forget to close out your German bank account. Please do this in person at your bank branch.


You can only close your account if your bank account has a positive amount in it (0,01 € is also a positive balance). The closing of your account will be carried out digitally by a bank employee and should take about 5 minutes.


Please be completely sure not to close your account before the last rent, insurance bill, and your cell phone bill has been transferred!


Upon cancellation, all cards (EC cards, credit cards) must be given back to the bank. Banks recommend that you destroy your card before you turn them in (i.e. by damaging the magnet strip on the back of the card).


In addition, make sure to get a proof from your bank that your bank account is closed, including the exact date of bank account closure.


Necessary documents: 

  • all cards belonging to your bank account (EC Cards, credit cards)

When: before you leave


Before your departure you need to complete the last steps in Mobility-Online and indicate your departure date.


As soon as you have completed the above mentioned steps, you should deregister from us by email.