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Welcome to Augsburg! We hope you will have a lovely stay in your new city and university.


Within the first weeks of your stay, there are still some important things you need to take care of. Below you can find a detailled overview of these first steps. Please make sure to complete all of the steps in due time and ask us in case of any questions or doubts.


Your First Steps in Augsburg

When?: As soon as you have your „RZ-Kennung“


Once you are enrolled at the University of Augsburg, you will receive the so-called “Rechenzentrums-Kennung” or short „RZ-Kennung“. With this access code you will be able to register for your courses via the course mangagement system „Digicampus“: https://digicampus.uni-augsburg.de/


For detailled information about course registration, please refer to this website:


The International Office and your tutor are available for questions and help. For questions regarding the content of the respective courses, please contact the respective professor.

When?: As soon as you arrive


As soon as you arrive in Augsburg you should check into the dormitory in order to get your keys and to move into your room. Please make an appointment with the dorm caretaker BEFORE you arrive for the day of arrival (if possible) and be aware that the caretakers ususally do not do check-ins on weekends.


If you are not able to make an appointment or pick up the key yourself, please contact your tutor and ask him/her to help you with that. Once you are in Augsburg, please come and see the Studentenwerk’s Office in Building M on campus (see campus map below) to receive your rental contract and other necessary documents.


Studentenwerk Augsburg
Cafeteria foyer (Building M1)   
Universitätsstrasse 4


Office Hours
Mo - Fr 9:00 - 12:00
Mo, Tue, Thur  13:00 - 14:00

Tel. 0049 (0)821/ 598 4918 
Fax 0049 (0)821/ 598 2878

When?: As soon as you arrive. You will be notified about the pick-up time-slots.


The Campus Card is more than just a card: It is your student ID, your bus/tram ticket and your “money” for the cafeteria and copies. There will be different time slots at which you can pick up your card directly at the International Office.

When?: Within two weeks after your arrival

All students must register with the city of Augsburg within two weeks after they have moved into the dormitory (or other permanent residence in Augsburg). Due to the current pandemic situation, the registration can only be done via e-mail and scheduled meetings. Please send a copy of the documents listed below, completely filled out and signed, to the immigration office at aufenthalt.uni@augsburg.de. Please ask your tutor for help!


More information including the registration form and a fill-in help can be found here: https://www.uni-augsburg.de/en/portal/internationals/hochschulbetreuungsstelle/angekommen/registration-city/


Necessary documents:
- your passport
- your rental agreement (from the Studentenwerk)
- registration form (fill-in help can be found online)
- visa or residence permit

When?: 8 weeks before your visa expires


>> What is a residence permit?

The residence permit is a document that allows you to stay in Germany legally.


>> Who needs a residence permit?

1.) International students who need a visa to enter Germany and whose visa is not valid for the entire exchange stay. The residence permit must replace the visa and it must be obtained before the visa runs out.
2.) International students who have entered Germany without a visa (not applicable to EU citizens). They can stay in Germany legally for 90 days. After the 90 days, the students will need a residence permit to continue to stay in Germany legally.

>> Where and how do I apply for my residence permit?

Please send an e-mail with a scan of the documents listed on the following website to the Foreigner’s Registration Office of the city of Augsburg at aufenthalt.uni@augsburg.de: https://www.uni-augsburg.de/en/portal/internationals/hochschulbetreuungsstelle/angekommen/residence-permit/

After the Foreigners' Registration Office has checked all the documents, you will be given an appointment for a personal interview. At the personal visit, you will need to pay a fee of 100 euros by debit card (only debit card is possible!) and provide a recent passport photo.

>> When do I apply for my residence permit?

It can take up to 6 weeks until you receive your electronic residence permit. So you should apply for it 7 weeks before the expiration date of your visa at the very latest. In the case that you arrived in Germany without a visa, you must apply for a residence permit 5 weeks after the date of your arrival at the very latest.

When?: In the week before the semester


In the week before the semester starts, you will participate in the official welcome sessions of the International Office and the faculties. The student group Erasmus Student Network (ESN) will offer some fun social events such as a city scavenger hunt, a Bavarian Breakfast or a club night, so you can meet the other exchange students and get to know Augsburg. If you want to find out more about ESN, do have a look at their facebook page: https://de-de.facebook.com/EsnAuxchangeAugsburg

When: In the week before the semester starts

Detailed and up-to-date Information about language course registration can be found on the website of the Language Center: https://www.uni-augsburg.de/en/organisation/einrichtungen/sz/fremdsprachenangebot/deutsch-als-fremdsprache/


You will need to take a placement test to figure out your German language proficiency level. After that you can register for language courses on that level. The registration for the German language courses can be done on Digicampus.


Important! You can only register for the courses within a certain time frame, which ususally ends on Friday before the semester starts.

When?: As yoon as you have arrived

Since you will be staying in Germany for a rather short period of time, we recommend buying a prepaid SIM card without a contract. There are many service providers that offer prepaid cards that include internet flat rates.

Prepaid cards themselves are free, meaning you only have to pay the amount you use for calling, texting, and internet. Prepaid cards start from about 10 Euro. You can buy them in supermarkets (Lidl,ALDI, etc.), in electronic stores (e.g. MediaMarkt, Saturn), or drug stores (Rossmann, dm, Müller, etc.) They are usually located at the checkout counter.

We recommend that you complete this step with your tutor. He or she can help you set up and activate your SIM card (internet access may be necessary). It may be useful to use the same service provider that your tutor has, as they will be familiar with the process. As soon as you have a German cell phone number, please share it with the WeltWeit Team via your Mobility Online workflow!

When?: As soon as you have arrived

You must have a German bank account from which rent payments can be deducted. Most international students open up an account with Stadtsparkasse Augsburg. They have a location very close to the university, many ATMs throughout the city, and you can start using your account on the same day it has been opened. At other banks (for example Deutsche Bank) this may take up to a few weeks. In order to open up an account, please make an appointment at an affiliation of the bank.

These are the documents you need to open up the account:
- a German telephone number (this is necessary for online banking)
- your address in Germany (you will receive your debit card by mail within about 2 weeks)
- your letter of admission (this serves as proof that you are indeed a student)
- your rental agreement

When?: Within two weeks after your arrival

Please enter your German cell phone number in your Mobility-Online workflow, so we can get in touch with you in emegerncy cases.

When?: Within 4 weeks after the semester has started


During the first few weeks of the semester it is possible that your course schedule changes. This may be because you do not wish to continue attending certain courses, or that dates and times for certain courses have changed. However, your course schedule should be finalized 4 weeks after the beginning of courses at the university. As soon as your course schedule is finalized, please enter your courses in your workflow in Mobility-

Campus Map

Below you can find a map of the campus. The International Office is located if building M2, close to the tram station „Universität“:


WeltWeit Incoming Office
Akademisches Auslandsamt / International Office
Building M2, Room 245
Universitätsstraße 6
Tramway station "Universität"


We will offer office hours for WeltWeit students, so you can stop by our office in case you have any questions.



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