What does studying in Augsburg cost?


Augsburg's attractiveness is reflected in the city's steadily growing population. Nevertheless, the university location can score with relatively moderate rents compared to Munich as well as to many smaller university cities.

The costs of studying are made up of university-related costs and the local cost of living. All students have to pay a contribution of currently 127.50 € for each semester. This amount is divided into the Studentenwerk contribution (62€) and the price of the semester public transportation ticket (65,50 €).

On average, the expenses amount to 819 € per month, split into the following:

  • 323 € for rent
  • 168 € for groceries
  • 94 € for car / public transport
  • 80 € for medical expenses
  • 42 € for clothes
  • 31 € for telephone / internet
  • 20 € for learning materials
  • 61 € for free-time activities

More information on costs of living and studying can be found on the website of the DAAD.