What does studying in Augsburg cost?


Augsburg's attractiveness is reflected in the city's steadily growing population. Nevertheless, the university location can score with relatively moderate rents compared to Munich as well as to many smaller university cities.

The costs of studying are made up of university-related costs and the local cost of living. All students have to pay a semester fee of currently 150.63 € for each semester. This amount is divided into the Studierendenwerk contribution and the price of the semester public transportation ticket.

On average, the expenses amount to 934 € per month, split roughly into the following:

  • 323 € for rent
  • 22 € monthly pro-rated semester fee
  • 240 € for groceries
  • 120 € for health insurance
  • 48 € for clothes
  • 31 € for telephone / internet
  • 20 € for learning materials
  • 73 € for free-time activities
  • 19 € public media fee
  • 38 € miscellaneous

More information on costs of living and studying can be found on the website of the DAAD.



Dormitory Down Payment and Blocked Account


Please be aware that you will need to pay three months rent and the deposit for your dormitory room in advance, before you come to Augsburg. The rent ranges between 300€ and 500€ per month, depending on the dormitory, and the deposit is usually a bit more than one month of rent. If your room is in order when you leave Augsburg after your exchange, you will get the deposit back. For information on the dormitories, you can check our dormitory website.


Also, please note that for applying for your visa or residence permit, you will need to prove your financial means to support yourself in Germany (934€ for each month of your stay) with a so-called Blocked Account. Please check our website on the topic for more information.