Where do exchange students live in Augsburg?

The dormitories run by the Studentenwerk Augsburg offer the most affordable and comfortable accommodation for exchange students in Augsburg. The apartements are furnished and monthly rent amounts to 204 € to 274 € for a single apartment. 

As the dormitories are fairly popular, there are long waiting lists for the rooms. Your advantage as exchange student: we can guarantee you a single apartment in one of the five dormitories.

Please note:

  • Apartments are rented for the whole semester: October to March (Winter Semester) / April to September (Summer Semester).
  • Moving in is possible from the third workday in October/April. An earlier moving-in date can not be guaranteed and is only possible in individual cases (when the previous tenant leaves very early). 

Which dormitories are available in Augsburg?

The Studentenwerk Augsburg runs five dormitories in Ausburg: Lechbrücke, Prinz-Karl-Viertel, Göggingen, Univiertel and Bürgermeister-Ulrich-Straße.

Our info sheet „overview dormitories“  summarizes the most important information, layout map included: 

When and how do I apply?

You cannot apply for the dormitories until you have been accepted as a WeltWeit participant and you have completed your admission.