Examination Period

When do I register for exams?

Registering for exams is only possible for a short time (10 days) in the middle of the semester.

Exam registration period winter semester 2019/20: December 03 - 13.12 2019


How do I register for exams? 

As exchange student you have to register for each exams individually, if you want to take exams at Augsburg. For the exam registration for exchange students, students hand in a course certificate for exchange students ("Schein für Austauschstudierende")*. The course certificate is both registration for the exam and grade certificate. It will be needed to compile your transcript of records.

  1. Download the blank form from your workflow on Mobility Online and fill it out for every class you visit. Fill out the top part ("to be filled out by student").
  2. Print out the course certificate for every class you visit.
  3. Hand in the certificate in person to each class' lecturer during the exam registration period (see above).
  4. Generate the Course Certificate Overview on Mobility-Online and fill it out.
  5. Upload the Course Certificate Overview to Mobility-Online.

After grading, the course certificates will be sent to the International Office, where you can check your grades.


Language Center

For all classes taken at the Language Center, do not hand in any course certificate, just go to the exam. If you do not take the exam, you will automatically be deregistered from it. For further information please contact Mrs. Jung, Language Center, Building Büro Center Messe (BCM), 8th floor, room 8001a, claudia.jung@sz.uni-augsburg.de.


Faculty of Business and Economics

For all classes taken at the Faculty of Business and Economics, hand in course certificate to lecturer and additionally register via STUDIS.
You will receive further information per email from Mr. Jakob Heins (contact person for exchange students at the Faculty of Business and Economics). Please turn to Mr. Heins if you have any questions regarding the STUDIS registration process.

When do the exams take place?

Winter semester 2019/20: February - March, 2020

(Exams may partially take place before or after the above mentioned period. Please check the website of the Examination Office, the Language Center, your Faculty, or contact your lecturer)