Technical schools

Technical schools (Fachschulen) are schools for further vocational training. They generally offer vocational education and training that follows on from a first vocational qualification or experience (full-time school-based vocational training schools (Berufsfachschulen) do not therefore count as technical schools). The qualification awarded by the technical school must also fulfil the framework agreement for technical schools (based on the decision of the Standing Conference of the Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs (Kultusminister Konferenz) from the 07.11.2002 in its current version). Graduates of a technical school who are applying in the same year to the University of Augsburg should contact the Registrar’s Office (see details below).  


Technical academies

Further vocational training at a technical academy (Fachakademie) lasts between two and three school years and prepares students for an advanced career. After having passed a final state examination and a supplementary examination, an entrance qualification for a university of applied sciences (Fachhochschulreife) is acquired. If a final grade of very good (sehr gut) is achieved in both certificates, a subject-specific higher education entrance qualification is acquired.


Please note: Graduates of a technical academy for social pedagogy who began their training before 01.08.2017 must also submit a certificate of recognition as a state-recognised educator (Staatlich anerkannten Erzieher/-in). If you have not yet received this, please submit a separate certificate confirming that you have passed the vocational internship (Berufspraktikum). 


Graduates of a technical academy for social pedagogy who began their training after the 01.08.2017 will be issued a completion certificate upon request to the technical academy with a note that it is exclusively intended for submission to the university. 


In either case, please contact your academy’s administration to ensure that you will receive the certificate or the certificate with above-mentioned note before the end of the third week of June in the respective year.


Senior Admissions Officer (Degree Programmes with Restricted Admission except Human Medicine, Doctoral Statistics)
Registrar's Office