Student ID

The CCA serves as evidence of student status on campus and in respect of external bodies, such as in the case of student concessions.


Library card

The card is also for library use. The university library user number is stored in the card’s chip and printed on the outside of the card. After one-time, personal registration in the library of the Augsburg University of Applied Sciences, the student ID card can also be used there for borrowing within the terms of the local reader regulations.


Private payment function

The CAMPUS CARD serves as an electronic wallet for private payment transactions on the campus of the university or the University of Applied Sciences: i. e. food and drinks in the Studentwerk refectories, cafeterias and café bars, copying and scanning on both campus sites, follow-me printing (university campus and Studentwerk halls of residence).

The wallet does not need to be activated and / or charged with credit and used. However, if you would like to use the wallet, it must first be activated on one of the charging devices ("chargers") (i. e. the conditions of use for the payment function must be acknowledged). To do this, hold the card to the card reader field marked on the device and follow the instructions on the device display. Immediately afterwards, and at any time later, you can charge your electronic wallet with cash or EC card up to a maximum of € 150. At cash machines, stored credit of up to 50 euros can be paid out.


Additional Information:

Information from the Studentenwerk on the use of the electronic wallet (terms of use, forms for notification of problems with charging or payment of credit balances at the machine)

Overview of the locations of card dispensers, chargers and cash machines for the CAMPUS CARD on the grounds of the University of Augsburg and the Augsburg University of Applied Sciences

Instructions for using the CAMPUS CARD for copying, printing and scanning at Augsburg University and Studentenwerk and for copying and scanning in the university library


Semester ticket

The CAMPUS CARD also serves as a ticket for the use of AVV public transport. The valid student identity card entitles students to free travel on all lines of regional and city transport, i. e. AVV regional bus, regional train (only local trains, 2nd class), bus and trams of Augsburger Verkehrsgesellschaft mbH (AVG) and Gersthofer Verkehrsgesellschaft mbH (GVG ) within tariff zones 10 and 20. The card is not valid on the night bus services. Otherwise, the general conditions of conveyance apply.


Please also note:
The ticket is only valid during the period printed on the validation strip of your CAMPUS CARD. The imprint of the validity date must also be complete and legible. If your CAMPUS CARD is not provided with a photo, it will only be valid as a semester ticket in conjunction with an official photo ID.



Parking on the North parking deck (P1) at Hannah-Arendt-Straße is only possible for students and employees of the University of Augsburg. The Augsburg Campus Card (student ID card, employee ID card, guest card) is required for entry to both levels. The "Parking" function is automatically available without additional activation for the aforementioned passes issued by the University of Augsburg.