Diversity is also an important topic among students and in the bodies of the student representation. Different players deal with aspects related to diversity and inclusive universities. The various Student Union departments are on the one hand the point of contact for students, strive for networking between those interested in diversity and those affected by discrimination, and organise events in various formats. This includes lecture and discussion events as well as film evenings, world cafés, information stands and joint excursions. The departments also cooperate with various players in city society, for example as part of the Diversity Week and the Augsburg Peace Festival.
The students who are active here would be glad of further contributors and suggestions for their work.


Gender and equality

The Gender and Equality Department promotes intersectional feminism, gender equality, anti-sexism and education on gender issues.

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The Queer Department supports queer people throughout Augsburg and organises regular meetings.

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Welcome culture

The Department for Welcome Culture works for all students of the university, especially to make the university more liveable and accessible.

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Law Clinic Augsburg

The Law Clinic Augsburg is a project set up by students at the beginning of 2015. Based on and within the framework of the Legal Services Act, the Law Clinic Augsburg offers free student legal advice by dedicated students - currently in the area of migration law and related legal fields and, since January 2019, also in the area of tenancy law.
Participants go through a sound training program so that they are subsequently able to answer legal questions both personally as well as in an expert capacity, in cooperation with the City of Augsburg and the Bar Association for the Higher Regional Court District of Munich. Mandatory attendance of the training programme, in addition to a variety of other measures,  ensures the high quality of the students’ work.
In the field of migration law, students of all disciplines and interested external parties can become participants of the Law Clinic Augsburg.

  Law Clinic