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We are convinced that questions about visions of peace, conflict management and social coexistence must also be considered in the context of diversity and equal opportunities and are therefore concerned with diversity issues in various ways. On this page we inform you about current events, research content and dialogue offers.



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Anoushka Khandwala

CfP Workshop "Peace Studies, Peace Education & (De-)Coloniality", 27 - 29 October 2021, Klagenfurt (or online)


The workshop is dedicated to an in-depth study of feminist, post- and decolonial approaches to peace and conflict studies as well as peace education (peace pedagogy). It is aimed at researchers as well as advanced students. We also look forward to suggestions from people who are not primarily active in academic peace work, but also in civil society and social work for peace.
The cooperation partner of the Centre for Peace Research and Peace Education at the Institute for Educational Sciences and Educational Research at the University of Klagenfurt is the Chair for Political Science, Peace and Conflict Research at the University of Augsburg. The organising team is looking forward to exciting proposals by 15 May andecolonizepeace@aau.at


For details on how to apply, see Call for Papers.





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Further training for teachers and disseminators: “Peace - what is it anyway?

The Augsburg High Peace Festival on 8 August, first celebrated in 1650, emerged from a specific historical constellation. To this day, it reminds modern day (urban) societies to see peace as a task for society as a whole. But what does peace mean?

Based on the many peaces philosophy, the participants of the training learn about different ideas of peace and develop implementation strategies for practice.
Whether in everyday life (at school), in literature, in films or in international reporting - the term “peace” appears frequently, but it is seldom that people agree on what we actually mean by “peace”. In this further training course, the multifaceted concept of "peace" will be highlighted in more detail in an academic lecture by Ms. -> Christina Pauls, Research Assistant at the Chair of Political Science, Peace and Conflict Studies  at the University of Augsburg.

Different dimensions and definitions of peace will be presented. Afterwards, various didactic and methodological approaches will be presented in small groups in order to deal with the subject of peace in practice with young people. The two-hour training course provides an in-depth, interdisciplinary insight into the topic and offers direct suggestions for implementation in the classroom.
The event of the Bavarian State Centre for Civic Education is developed and conducted in cooperation with the Peace Office of the City of Peace Augsburg. Among other things, it will show ways of addressing the Augsburg High Peace Festival in the classroom.

Place: Online
Date: 17.06.2021
Time: 14:00 - 16:00
Maximum number of participants: 50
Registration deadline: 16.06.2021
Contact person: Tabea Schneider