The University of Augsburg, as a reform university, declared the advancement of all female university members as its goal 30 years ago. In the meantime, gender-related equality of opportunity is legally and institutionally secured in principle.

Even if a quantitative balance between men and women has not yet been achieved, women contribute their skills to the respective fields of activity with self-confidence. They set their own goals, value excellence in research and teaching, and support young female academics in achieving this as well.


For this reason, today's form of women’s advancement is no longer based on a deficit model, but addresses the multifactorial causes of the under-representation of women much more fundamentally, and proactively contributes to the fact that a minority has long since become a significant minority.


The question of gender equality is a question for all people. Every renunciation and every restriction is met with new possibilities. In the academic world, where intellectual experiences are expanded and changed every day, it has always been about freedom and academic space. With this in mind, we want to include all those who help to shape this world and freedom - as academics, teachers and staff alike: We want to ask, communicate and inform. The "Gender - Equity" pages are a portal for this togetherness.



Often it is simply due to a lack of knowledge. For our commitment to gender equality, we consult objective facts and collect knowledge about conditions and progress. We are also working on greater visibility. We want to report on successes, describe situations and show connections. That is why we provide information here about the state of gender research, projects, collaborations and networks.

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We promote equality with advice and action. We offer further training and funding for female researchers and develop concepts for equal opportunities at our university. We support academics in their further development with regard to the compatibility of research, teaching and individual family situations.

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Gender equality is not a question of a private world view, but the task of all university members. The strategic responsibility for achieving this goal lies with organisational and personnel development. Together with all the contact persons at the University of Augsburg who are entrusted with these issues, we are working on strategies, concepts and the implementation of equal opportunities in order to eliminate existing disadvantages. To this end, we are represented on all the necessary committees.

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Gender mainstreaming at the University of Augsburg


More than a quarter of a century ago, and even before the Bavarian Equal Opportunities Act of 1996, the University of Augsburg declared the advancement of all female university members to be a concern of the entire university.

Since 1990, it has been countering discrimination and promoting real equality for university members of all genders. This obligation was anchored as a basic principle in the 2001 concept for the advancement of women and equality. Since then, the concept has been updated in accordance with the regulations for academic staff (BayHSchG) and academic support staff (BayGlG).


On 19 November 2003, the Senate of the University of Augsburg adopted the gender mainstreaming project.

The aims of the project include:

•             Establishing gender equality permanently in all areas and at all levels of the university, and

•             Making the university a gender competent organisation.

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Who does gender mainstreaming affect?

All members of the university are stakeholders. The main theme of gender mainstreaming is to create structures at the political level that enable gender equality. Women, men and people with different gender identities should not be made the same, but determinations or attributions that limit diversity should be relaxed.

Participation is important in order to be able to change something, starting with the management level and extending to all members of the university. Only together can measures be planned in a targeted manner and their effectiveness reviewed. The concept of gender mainstreaming is replacing the traditional advancement of women. Instead, the goal of gender equality comes to the fore. This means that the effects of all decision-making processes on women, men and people with other gender identities are examined in terms of equal opportunities. Through the “Amsterdam Treaty” of 1999, gender mainstreaming became authoritative for all countries of the European Union.

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Equal opportunities today

Equal opportunities in the education system is a question of fair access to education, participation in the education system and opportunities for advancement through education, regardless of religious, social or cultural background and gender identity. The commissioned staff at the University of Augsburg not only work on ensuring equal opportunities in the academic world, but also seek the interaction of all areas of organisational development for a university self-image that is oriented towards excellence in research, teaching and educational management.

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“Men and women shall have equal rights. The state shall promote the actual implementation of equality between men and women and shall work towards the elimination of existing disadvantages." Article 3, paragraph 2-3 of the Basic Law

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