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My Topics:
I consider my two most important topics to be firstly, the examination  of the history and current situation of pedagogy as a science and secondly, educational media research.

I am currently working on quality analyses of educational media (textbooks, open educational resources, explanatory videos), paying special attention to the quality criteria of heterogeneity, gender, multiperspectivity, and transparency.


The best thing about my job:

The diverse challenges, fields of activity and experiences that come with it. The social relevance of my profession is also very important to me. As an academic, I also have an educational function - for example when sexist content is disseminated in current explanatory videos or when companies or company-related associations put one-sided teaching materials on the Internet. That is why I also like to engage in social discourse; "academia in an ivory tower" is not my thing - as much as I reject a utilitarian understanding of academia at the same time.

And I am a university lecturer with a passion! I enjoy working with students - and it keeps me young!


My career path:

What helped me most in my professional career was that there were people - first and foremost my mother - who believed in me and my abilities. Also, some  - not all! -  of my (exclusively) male superiors were also very supportive and helped me on my way to becoming a professor.

Successful women in the past and present were also role models for me. Not forgetting encouragement from women's literature and reinforcement by female friends!


My advice to young women scientists:
Believe in yourself, do not be discouraged, network, do not take criticism too personally and stand up for your rights! In addition, and very importantly: take on offices in university self-administration!





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