Revealing nutrition myths:       


Is sugar addictive?


No! On top of the fact that some sweets simply look way too tempting, researchers have also found out that the same areas in the brain are activated when sugar or drugs are consumed. However, the scientists do not want to speak of an addiction when it comes to the consumption of sugar because no actual withdrawal symptoms occur in the human brain and body when sugar is not consumed anymore. 

To put it in a nutshell, cravings for sweets do not indicate a sugar addiction, but are caused by the blood sugar level. This can easily be controlled with regular meals containing natural foods. Nutrition experts recommend psyllium husks, for example.





Does warm beer help to get over a cold?


Yes! The essential oils and bitter substances contained in hops can support the healing process of your body. Bitter substances have an antibacterial effect and help the body fight against the germs that cause colds and sickness. Furthermore, thanks to the warm beer, we get tired, which makes us sleepy, and sleep contributes to the regeneration of the body. The beer also stimulates blood circulation. On top of that, the body starts to sweat, which also promotes the healing process. This means that warm beer can actually relieve cold symptoms. However, no more than two glasses before bedtime should be consumed.