We created our very own Advent calendar with tips, exercises, challenges and competitions for an active and healthy run up to Christmas for you.


Let us surprise you, and have a healthy, active and relaxed Advent season!


Your  UniA:ctive-Team
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1 December

2 December

3 December

4 December

5 December

6 December

7 December

8 December

9 December

10 December

11 December

12 December

13 December

14 December

15 December

16 December

17 December

18 December

19 December

20 December

21 December

22 December

23 December

24 December

The Advent calendar was created as part of the initiative „Bewegt studieren-Studieren bewegt! 2.0“ (cooperation partner: adh-Allgemeiner Deutscher Hochschulsportverband, TK-Techniker Krankenkasse).

Following the motto "UniA:ctive", we would like to implement small projects at the University of Augsburg until the end of 2022 that promote more movement in your everyday study life.


Do you have suggestions, ideas or questions? Get in touch with us at uniactive@sport.uni-augsburg.de!


Your UniA:ctive-Team



Creators of Content:

Maren Müller (student assistant)

Kathrin Fischer (student assistant)

Niklas Gordy (student assistant)

Franz Mayer (student assistant)

Christine Höss-Jelten (Head of Hochschulsport/research associate Sportzentrum)

Sandra Burger M.Sc. (project associate „UniA:ctive“, project „Betriebliches Gesundheitsmanagement“)


Many thanks to all who helped with and contributed to the creation of this Advent calendar!




Hochschulsport / Sportzentrum 


© University of Augsburg
© University of Augsburg