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The plank is an excellent exercise to work the entire body. Especially the abdominal muscles and the lower back extensor are activated, but also the upper back, the shoulder muscles, the buttocks and the thigh muscles are trained.
If a plank is performed regularly, it can even prevent back pain and improve the posture of your body.

Let's go! Participate in the 24-day plank challenge!
We start with 20 seconds today! Here, you can see where we will go from there:


Now, it is up to you to participate!

Let’s get in shape unitl Christmas together!

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Instructions on performing the plank:

  1. Lie with the abdomen on the floor, place the elbows under the shoulders
  2. The forearms are parallel to the body, the fingertips point forward
  3. The neck remains as relaxed as possible and straight in extension of the spine
  4. Press the forearms into the floor and push up, supporting the body only with the tips of the toes and the forearms
  5. Have tension in the entire body: Pull the belly button inward, push the knees through, tighten the buttocks
  6. The upper back should not sag: Push the shoulder blades back down, press the forearms into the pad and push the shoulder away from the floor
  7. The body forms a straight line, hold this position