Get your paintbrushes and a piece of paper, and let’s go!

The artists Peng + Hu discovered the fantastic Hirameki phenomenon on their brush wipe sheets, on their studio parquet, on their walls and on their shirts. [1]

Figures seemed to hide in every stain.

They could be brought to life with just a few strokes.

So simple, so amazing.

The term "Hirameki" is borrowed from the Japanese langauge and means something like: Spark, Ray, or Inspiration.

Ultimately, it is the feeling of happiness you experience when you have a flash of inspiration. Following the Hirameki phenomenon, the artists Peng + Hu developed an ingenious art form for young and old. [2]

To create blots spontaneously and intuitively is a great joy.

It does not have to be perfect or particularly beautiful. In intuitive painting, you may simply let yourself be driven by the creative flow and make visible whatever you see in the tangled blot structures.

Just try it out for yourself...



And here you learn how it is done:


  1. Paint some colorful blots with opaque paints on a piece of paper. Then, let them dry for a little while.
  2. Now use a black fineliner and draw a few dots and strokes in order to turn the blots into faces, animals, people...




Illustration Spiegel: