Urban Planners with Renewable Energy Skills (UP-RES)

project duration

01.09.2010 - 28.02.2013

project sponsor

European Union (EU)

project leader

Dr. Stephan Bosch
Dr. Birgit Brandhuber
Thomas David

The UP-RES project aimed at overcoming obstacles to the spatial integration of renewable energy systems. The focus was on regional and urban planning, as these are the decisive spatial levels in the introduction of innovative energy concepts. Within the framework of the project, courses were designed on the basis of which practicing planners, architects and engineers can now deepen their knowledge of renewable energies and promote sustainable development in urban areas in a targeted manner. In addition, numerous universities in various European member states have been obliged to integrate developed teaching material into relevant master's courses.


selected publication:


  • Ahonen A.-M. et al. (2013): Making Cities Energy Efficient. Urban and Regional Planning adopting RES. Unigrafia Oy, Helsinki.


Energy efficiency starts from urban and regional planning! In order to create energy-efficient urban areas we need to consider...

  • our way of living
  • using less energy and reducing emission in mobility and traffic
  • energy production
  • energy efficiency of buildings
  • strengthening cooperation between planning and energy professionals
  • having energy as one key parameter in planning processes and guidelines

UP-RES project focused on creating favorable conditions for energy-wise urban and regional planning through...

  • the creation and delivery of continuing education programs for practicing professionals
  • the modification of some existing energy planning tools and
  • the finding of best practices in renewable energy systems with particular focus on urban and regional planning.


Link: http://aaltopro2.aalto.fi/projects/up-res/



  • Aalto University (FI) (coordinator) http://www.aalto.fi/
  • Munich University of Technology, TUM (DE) (replacing Max Planck Institut für Plasma Physik, MPG (DE)) http://www.tum.de
  • Association of Architecture and Sustainability in Catalonia, SaAS (ES) http://www.saas.es
  • Building Research Establishment Ltd., BRE (UK) http://www.bre.co.uk/
  • University of Debrecen, UD (HU) http://www.unideb.hu/
  • University of Augsburg, UA (DE) http://www.uni-augsburg.de/
  • German Heat & Power Association: Project Company for rationalization, information and standardization, AGFW (DE) http://www.agfw.de/
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